Week 10

Week 10 learning tasks focused on topics of interests. We had to select 2 topics of interst from the list and explore the topic by looking at resources and potential activites. After researching about the topic and reading through other peoples blog and forums posts we were to share our explorations and findings in on our blog.

The topics of interests include:

  • ICT’s and assessment
  • ICT’s and HPE
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Universal design
  • ICT’s in mulit-age/composite classrooms
  • Digital citizenship and cyber saftey
  • ICT’s and early childhood

The first topic I chose explore was Interactive whiteboards. I am interested in knowing more about IWB and how to use them effectively in the classrrom and for student learning. When I searched for resources for IWB I came across a really useful site that had 65 resources that could be used in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard.

65 interactive whiteboard resources

Here is one of the resources that I visited that came from the website.Its in Eduscapes and then chose Kids jungle. I got to create a scene using the icons.





8 thoughts on “Week 10

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  5. Hi Tash,
    Thanks for sharing these ideas. I am currently researching IWB’s and finding out so much I did not know. Until last week I had never used an IWB so my learning curve just keeps on growing.

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